Friday, December 13, 2013

Cortney's Corner #6- Ramblings

Oh the powers of the black leggings,... Cortney wears this outfit to lounge around the house. If she needs to go out for any reason, she replaces slippers with boots and adds a scarf, BAM,...  Then she has her husband take outfit photos. :) I bet you miss kitty, yeah she does that to you.
In that same post you can see how Cortney styled the same scarf. This post entry went from leggings, to dynamite, to kitties, to scarfs... I should go...
See you soon!
Sweater: Ruby Moon
Scarf: Walmart
Leggings: Lauren Conrad


  1. What a cute outfit! This sweater is perfect for wearing with leggings, and the scarf is so pretty!

    1. Hey there! Thanks for visiting, I love cortney's casual looks. She has gotten so much mileage out of that scarf!