Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year confusion

Hi there! How does the first day of 2014 feeling?? I don't know about you, but it will take me well into February to stop dating "2013" on the first try on every thing! Your hands just get used to it, that's all. :) Don't get me started on thinking that 2013 was last year! I have noticed that some people struggle with that just like me and others can switch their mind automatically to changes. Me? I need my time... I need plenty of time to adjust. For example, you don't know how badly days off during the week throws me off. Having three days off in the middle of the week was terrible for my mind! I was so confused! My mind thought only about work when I should have been resting and when it came time to return to work all I wanted to do was rest, and then the weekend came... Confused I tell you.
Anyway, I did however take these photos. This dress I bought for like $5.00 three years ago at Sears. I have planned so many times to incorporate it into a 7x7 remix I wanted to participate in. But every time the 7x7 was available, I never got around to it. So, I decided to do a few just for fun. I hope you enjoy. By the way, meet the door.  Door, meet the internet. You will probably be seeing this door in some indoor shots I will have to do once (and if ) the weather decides to turn. It is the only corner of the house that I can do them in. Thanks for stopping by!

Dress- Apostrophe

Dress as a skirt: Black T- Jcpenney: Belt- forever 21

 Dress; Cardigan-American Eagle: Belt- Forever21

Dress as a shirt; Cardigan-Ross; Skirt-Cynthia Rowley;Booties; Mom's
Picture Below: (My cursor was not cooperating)
Jacket- tjmaxx; Leggings- tjmaxx; Booties- Mom's
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