Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their days off.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, me not so much... Still,  a few moments to have nothing else to do but breathe are always welcome.
 Anyways, so... 2014, huh?  How about it?? I have been visiting other blogs these days and I have noticed that everyone has really big plans for 2014. I mean, who doesn't? I know I have made lists, schedules, goals for myself and my life.  It feels like a new start, a new beginning. However when we really think about it, it comes down to one thing, it is a new month we just had to go back to  calling it January.  What I mean is, why don't we have this much excitement, motivation, creativity, and if I may, " hunger" for starting over, starting right, starting clean? At what point do we lose all these feelings that are empowering us this week. When do we stop dreaming big, planning ahead, and accomplishing things and start barely keeping up?  I might be speaking for myself here, but to be honest, January 2013 is a blur to me, I don't remember it. I just know that after it officially became 2013 everything started to change at lightning speed and I was doing everything in my power to keep up. I realize today that I can't keep up.  Time is constant, it doesn't slow down or speed up, it just goes.  It ticks away at the same pace year in and year out. It is me and my attitude, my circumstances, and my mentality that change the appearance of time around me. Let me explain myself. When I am worried or anxious time creeps by as I desperately search my head for an answer an option, once I find it or work towards a resolution time around me seems to speed up.  by the time I know it days fast approach. That appointment or meeting that I thought I had a few days to prepare and plan for is in just a few hours and you know the rest, just like that I am behind. Therefore, trying desperately to catch up and spending the rest of the year with me smoking out of my ears...


So my game plan for this year is to take it a month at a time. I will try to view each month as a new beginning and recharge my mental state so that I don't feel so burned out at the end of the year.  I will set a couple of monthly goals in all aspects of my life and work a little every week to achieve them. This must be snooze reading material for those ladies that have this kind of thing down as a science, however I really struggle with organization and time management. An I am not alone. So happy month of January. If you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve for this topic please share.
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  1. I totally agree about everyone being so positive for the first few weeks of a new year and the poof it's gone. I think reality sets in and too many times we set too lofty goals for ourselves. I think the key is to set small, realistic goals. I also agree that 2013 was a blur. Great outfit.

    Happy New Year!!!!!


  2. I love your attitude and approach! New beginnings don't have to wait for the next January 1st! I hope you stick to it and meet all your monthly goals!
    PS love your effortless look!