Sunday, September 29, 2013



I love heels. Heels change an entire look, they improve your posture, and boost a woman's confidence like nothing else. Unfortunately, at my home, and at my job, we have gravel and it is awful walking on gravel with your handful and on the phone. I am just not that coordinated. So I tend to always wear flats and just change into heels when appropriate. (ex. meetings, store runs, elementary school drop off or pick ups, blog photos) You know, just to make people think  I am always this glamorous. Still, I love heels.
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Me encantan los tacones. Los tacones cambian todo tu look, mejoran tu postura, y aumentan la confiansa de una mujer como nada mas puede hacerlo. Sin embargo, en mi casa y en mi trabajo tenemos camino de grava. Y es espantoso caminar en grava con las manos llenas y hablando por telefono. No tengo esa coordinación. Asi que siempre uso zapatos planos y los cambio por mis tacones cuando es apropiado. Por ejemplo, una cita de trabajo, a la tienda, a la escuela de mis hijos, para tomarme photos para este blog...) ya sabes, para que la jente piense que siempre tengo la facilidad de traer tacones. Aun asi, amo los tacones...

Cortney's Corner #2


Happy Sunday.  Yes, Corntey's Corner post were supposed to be on Fridays, and that would have happened without a hitch if someone (me) hadn't scheduled the post for next Friday.  So, here it is. Late and in all it's glory.  Isnt she cute? I don't know about you, but I am loving this color on her! 
 This chic is off splashing at the beach this weekend. Lucky dog...
See you soon!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Perfect makes favorite


I don't know about you, but I love fall! I am not just saying that becuase it is fall but because I really like fall. For me it is the perfect weather, not to hot and not yet to cold, perfect.
Speaking of perfect, these jeans are it for me. They are the perfect length for flats (not dragging). comfy, (I don't have to dance to get in them), and the fit, (not falling off, not stuck to me). Perfect, just like today. Perfect makes favorite. Have a great day!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Say Hello to...


"Say hello to my little friend!" This is Cortney. She is my super duper cute, totally awesome, delightfully wonderful, and inspiringly fashionable, sister in law!

My brother met this "little" wonder in high school. They were, are, and forever will be best friends! They tied the knot on July 20, 2013. Aren't they adorable?

Wedding Photos by H. Davis of HLaPhotograhy
Cortney and my brother are among my favorite people, we have so much fun together. We like the same things and they are so easy to talk to and they are ever so helpful and dependable (kid sitting, pet sitting, blog-picture taking, food runs you name it) (In my defense, it isn't just me they help, it is the whole family-parents, siblings, nephews' nieces, grandmas aunts, uncles, friends) Yes folks, that is how awesome these people are! And I am so grateful to have the privilege of calling this pair "family".

This lovely lady and I, love anything fashion, therefore I have decided that she deserves a spot on this ole blog, because she supported me all the way on my blogging journey. Even when I doubted myself she never did, and has been behind the scenes during every photo shoot. This whole experience would not be the same without her. From here on, Friday will be Cortney's corner. I hope you enjoy her style as much as I do.

P.S if you caught on to all the "little" references, let me tell you that we poke fun at our height all the time. Cortney and I are shorties and my brother is super tall.

 Les presento a mi cuñada Cortney. Mi hermano y ella se conocieron en la escuela. ellos fueron, son, y seran siempre mejores amigos ya que se casaron el 20 de Julio del 2013. Son adorables no?

Cortney y mi hermano son unas de mis personas favoritas en este mundo. Los quiero muchísimo. Son divertidos, amables, y siempre dispuestos a tender la mano. Me ayudan con mis hijos y mi blog. Y no solamente a mi, también a sus padres, hermanos y hermanas, abuelas, tías, tíos, sobrinos, sobrinas, primos, y amigos (ya saben que siendo hispanos somos muchos!) y a todos nos ayudan y nos apoyan. Son increíbles y agradezco tener el privilegio de llamarle "familia" a este par tan especial.

Esta dama linda y yo nos encanta la moda así q e decidido dedicarle el Viernes a esta mujer que desde el principio me apoyo con mi idea de este blog y esta tras las cámaras de cada fotografía. Este proyecto no sería lo mismo sin ella. Por esa razón, apartir de hoy cada viernes será de Cortney donde ella compartirá su estilo con ustedes. Espero q lo disfruten.

Hasta luego!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bright Pearls


So, I have a bloggy question,... How many pictures of the same outfit is too many?? You know how you have some days when you picked the perfect day and all of your pictures turn out decent? While others you are lucky to have ONE good take?? Yeah, you know what I mean.  So what happens when you have over 6 good pictures yet you don't want to overdo it becuase then you just seem conseited?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

On a different note, wondering about the title, I love the pearl detail of this top it has a pearl collar and the colors are so bright and cheerful!

See you soon!

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Tengo una pregunta sobre los blogs,...¿Cuantos fotos de el mismo atuendo son demasiados? Me explico, algunos días es el día perfecto con luz perfecta y esto me ayuda a que las fotos salgan casi perfectas. Cuando esto sucede tengo 6 fotos q podría subir al blog. En cambio otros días tengo suerte de tener UNO solo... Entonces cual sería el número ideal de fotos sin parecer engreída? Te invito a compartir tu opinión en los comentarios.

Nos vemos!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blue days


The title to this post sounds sad but my printed blue pants are super fun!I have been waiting to showcase these $4.00 babies for a few weeks.  Luckly, there is a fun theme on Trend Spin link up this week.  I couldn't wait!
Hope your day is as "blue" as mine!
See you soon!
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P.S. What is up with my camera?  I hate that! Oh well, maybe next time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letote & Learning

Hey there stranger! I know, I know, it has been forever since I've been on this blog. Things around my life have been interesting to put it kindly. So "time" was a non existent term for me. I am sure that hectic waves of chaos comes to each of us. These waves of choas bring unexpected changes, faith is tested, and your ability to adapt is challenged, and lets just say that I was a terrible surfer and couldn't seem to stay on my board whatsoever. Anyway, since I know nothing else about surfing and don't know how I can up with that analogy in the first place, lets move on!

I also have a confession to make, even though I have been away from my own blog, I have been all over everyone else's. I will check my email, and then sneak a few seconds and go into my the bloglovin app, and - FALL IS EVERYWHERE!

I know it is the middle of September, but my region of the nation hasn't gotten that memo yet. We are still in shorts and tanks here! So if you are in visiting and get a little confused, there you have it!

Anyway, how lovely is the above top? At least I got the fall colors right! This was in my package from Le tote, recently. it was love at first sight. With the current weather, there was no question I was going to pair it with anything but shorts! Shiny, satiny, dressy shorts for that matter.

Want to see a more cooler weather, and super cute option? Lindsey from High Heels and Training Wheels has it for you here! I wish it came with that hair color! Love it!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for those of you who have been patient with me while I try to teach myself how to surf. :-)

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¡Hola! ya sé, ya se. Tengo mucho tiempo sin pararme por aquí. Pero tengo un explicación. Estaba aprendiendo a navegar. Mi vida en estas últimas semanas a sido "interesante" por decirlo así. Así qué la palabra tiempo no a estado en mi vocabulario últimamente. Pienso que esto nos pasa a todas, tiempos de olas de caos. Estas olas, vienen con cambios inesperados y nuestra fe, paciencia, fuerza, y abilidades de adaptarse esta puesto a prueba. Y en pocas palabras, volvi a aprender a "navegar" estas olas.

Bueno, cambiando de tema, también tengo una confesión. No e estado en mi propio blog pero después de checar mi Mail, me robo unos segunditos para visitar mi aplicación de Bloglovin y revisar los blogs de las demás. Y déjame decirte que el Otoño está en todas partes!

Ya se que estamos a medio mes de Septiembre y el clima a cambiado pero en dónde yo vivo aún estamos vistiendo en shorts y sandalias! Así q se estas visitando de otro lado del mundo donde ya haga frío,... No estoy loca. :-)

Que opinas de esta blusa hermosa? Linda, no crees? Me llego en mi paquete de Letote, y fue amor a primera vista. Y con el clima por aquí, no la iba lucir con nada más que con unos shorts. Unos lindos shorts de vestir!

Buscas otra opción más apropiada para un clima más fresco? Entonces visita a Lindsey de High Heels and Training Wheels y aquí te muestra un look precioso! (Quisiera q también incluyeran eso color de cabello! Me encanta!)

Gracias por visitarme hoy, y para aquellas personas que me tuvieron paciencia mientras q aprendía a navegar. :-)