Sunday, July 28, 2013

Work Ready #2 & LETOTE Review

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of sun!
I am especially  excited to post today because I am doing my very first review.  The company is called Letote and they have the most unique monthly subscription program that I have ever had the opportunity to try. 
When you go to sign up for an account and answer a few questions so that your style can be defined. Your package arrives in just a few days and you get a lovely surprise. Three clothing pieces and two accessories!! How cool is that?!
That is only the beginning! You get free shipping on your package and when you wear the items you can send them right back  in an included prepaid shipping bag and keep receiving "totes" as many times as you want! For example, you get your package one day and wear your items and  as soon as your are done, you return what you want or purchase the items you love and get more in a few days. It is like shopping all month for fun, gorgeous items for a mere $49 a month! It is that easy!
If you want you can also take your time in returning the items. Say you have a special occasion that your pieces would be perfect for (special evening out, wedding, baby shower, trip etc.)
Visit for more details!
Received my black top in my first Letote parcel. I absolutely loved everything that came in it. I got two stunning tops, a beautiful dress, a gorgeous statement necklace (to be shown soon!), and a lovely bracelet.  It was so much fun to receive all these items meant just for me! Hope you join the fun!
Necklace/Collar: local boutique
Shoes/Tacones:Max Studio
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Black and Yellow

The original outfit in mind has nothing in common with this outfit except for the shirt. I slowly swapped out every single thing for something else and this was the ending result.  I hate it when that happens. By the time you are done making up your mind, you are out of ideas (hence the necklace as a belt trick), time, and patience! Can I get a high five for last minute outfits???
Hope you had better luck than me this morning!
If you are joining me from one of the great link ups that I participate in, Welcome! Thanks for your visit, feel free to browse around, leave me a comment on how to make it better, and don't forget to follow via bloglovin I have exciting posts lined up for next week!

Guest post- and link up

Say hello to my little guest today! She is my cousin's 2 year old little fashionista. My cousin and I are very close, and since we couldn't be blood sisters we got the closest thing, cousins! So we will just say that this little beauty is mine too...She always looks amazing in her cute little outfits and perfectly coordinating shoes and hairbows. How fun are little girls?!

I have two amazing boys, we will call them D1(9 years) and D2(7 years). They are my entire world, my drive, my priority, my life.  However, being surrounded by all the guys in our family, (my husband, 2 sons, my dad, and my 3 brothers) my mother and I can't help but go nuts when little girls are around. We ooh and ahh, over their outfits, hair, and giggles!

This darling thing was very shy at first, standing stiff and grim.

 and then,...


 nothing but super cute poses and giggles during our photoshoot. You will defenitly be seeing her around here more often!

Take care!
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I will be posting more cute kids' post every Wednesday, since we have so many to choose from!

Les presento a mi pequeña invitada de hoy. Ella es la fashionista de dos años de mi prima. Mi prima y yo somos muy unidas, somos como hermanas. Asi que vamos a decir que esta hermosura tambien es mia! Ella siempre se ve excelente con sus trajes perfectamente cordinados con sus zapatos y moños. Las niñas son muy divertidas!

Yo tengo dos hijos hermosos, los llamaremos D1(9 años) y D2 (7 años). Ellos dos son mi mundo entero, mi fuerza, mi prioridad, y mi vida entera. Sin embargo, ya que mi madre y yo siempre estamos rodeadas de los chicos de nuestra familia (mi esposo, mis 2 hijos, mi padre, y mis 3 hermanos) mi madre y yo no podemos evitar volvernos locas en presencia de niñas lindas.

Este encanto de nena fue muy timida al principio. Y luego....
solo me dio sonrisas tiernas y poses adorables en nuestra sesión de fotos. :)
P.S Como son muchisimos  niños en nuestra familia, cada Miercoles.



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bows on my toes

 I wanted to give a shout out to all of our little brothers. Yes, our brothers. I am a lucky one to be the oldest of four with three younger bothers to follow behind me.( We will refer to them as follows; M(25), E1 (19yrs), and E2 (16 yrs)  I said younger not smaller since they are all taller than I am...(hopefully you will meet them soon!)

Anyway, my youngest sweetie, E2, took these pictures for me. Keep in mind that he is a teenager on summer vacation and has been for the most part in his room. Yet, he took precious time off from his drumming, and Xboxing to take these lovely pictures for me! He waited while I pranced and posed for the camera while he shot away, then put up with me while I turned into a complete diva when I scolded him for not telling me that my purse was backward and my straps showed!(2nd and 3rd Pic)  He was completely patient while I pulled and tugged, tucked and fixed myself to look my best.
 Such a sweetheart! After the photo shoot was over and I retreated to my "dressing room" and  I started to think about all three of my bros. They are great to me. My mother and I are partners in crime when it comes to being ultimate "girly girls" loving anything with a heel and shiny beads, yet for being surrounded by all guys we are completely tolerated 24/7. We have never received the "here they go again" rolling of the eyes when we go into our girly mode oohing and aahing  over everything we see in mags or T.V . (At lease that I have noticed...:)  We are perfectly free to be as feminine as we please.
As a matter of fact, 99% of the photographs taken for this entire blog have been their handy work.  They take turns keeping my kids occupied or taking my pics.  They are compensated of course! They get their only sister's hugs and kisses and bonus payment of food and drinks made by yours truly on the day we "shoot". I have to be completely honest, if it wasn't for my bros and the fun we have and the amazing support I get from the three of them this blog would have gone into the "Didn't work out for me" list of ideas. So this is my thank you to my loves!
(Also it is my way to convince them to let me post pics of them from E2's wedding this past weekend!Lol!) Guys,...Pretty please??? :)
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Quisiera mandar un saludo a todos nuestros hermanitos. Yo so muy afortunada de ser la mayor de cuatro, con TRES hermanos menores. (vamos a llamarlos  asi, M (años), E1 (19 años), y E2 (16 años) Y dije menores no pequeños, ya q los tres son mas altos que yo... (espero presentarselos pronto!)

Bueno, mi hermanito menor, E2, tomo estas fotos para mi. Ahora tengan en cuenta que este adolecente esta de vacaciones de verano y la mayoria del tiempo se la pasa en su recamara. Sin embargo, se tomo tiempo de su Xbox y bateria para tomarme estas lindas fotos! El estubo tranquilo mientras yo caminaba y posaba para la camara mientres que el captava las imagenes. Luego fue comprensivo cuando me cnverti en una intolerable "diva" que lo regañó por no decirme que mi bolso estaba alreves y mi tirante visible! (fotos 2 y 3). E2 fue paciente mientras me arregle los defectos y continuamos con nuestra sesión fotografica. Fue un amor! Despues de las fotos, me retire a mi "camerino" y  pense en mis tres hermanos. Son excelentes conmigo. Mi madre y yo somos muy femeninas, nos gustan los tacones y los collares bonitos y siempre estamos hablando de cosas de mujeres, peinados, vestidos, zapatos,...ya saben. Y apesar de vivir rodeada de hombres, ellos son muy tolerantes con nosotras y nos dejan hablar de nuestras cosas "de mujeres".
Ablando de ellos, quiero informarles que 99% de las photos de este blog fueron tomadas por mis hermanos. Ellos toman turnos en cuadar y entretener a mis hijos y tomarme fotos. Que si les pago? Claro que si! Ellos resiven todo el amor y cariño de su unica hermana! Y los doy un pago adicional de comida y refrescos hechos por su servidora! :)  Tengo que ser completamente honesta, si no fuera por lo bien que la pasamos cuando hasemos esto, y el apoyo que me dan, tal vez esta idea del blog seria una mas de tantas en la basura.  Asi que muchas gracias mis amores!!
(Tambien, esta es mi estratejia para convencerlos de darme permiso de poner sus fotos de que tomamos en la boda de E2 este pasado fin de semana! Vamos chicos,... porfis???

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lessons Learned

Hope everyone had a great week. My week was hot and tiring! It was 90-95* every single day and we get up early (6.30am) in preparation for our back-to-school time. We (the kids and I ) would drag ourselves inside at 4:30-5:00pm, drop our bags and just lay on the couch completely enjoying the A/C for an hour, then eat, shower, and get ready to start all over again..

Hence, I have not shot many photos, nor re sized previous ones, much less drafted a post...:(
In my defense, I am a rookie blogger.However, I have decided to put on my big girl heels and my game will be up this week, I will shoot, edit, and post like a super woman who can handle hot weather, whiny kids, a full time job, and deep desire to reach my blogging goals!... Yep.. I am going to do it.
(If for some crazy reason I run into some kryptonite in the form of a tempting shady hammock,sweet iced tea, and no phone service,I will be back on here writing a very long, weepy, apologetic post)
So cheer me on!!

Since starting my blog, I have learned a lot. Allow me to share...

  1. Posts don't publish themselves. I had no idea that it took so many steps for one little post!
  2. You don't just take 1 or 2 pictures of yourself and call it a day.
  3. Plan ahead.
  4. Plan ahead.
did I forget something?... Oh yes...


Let me tell list the steps I thought it took to blog:
  1. Grab sunnies and take 2 OOTD photos.
  2. Sit at my computer after kids go to bed.
  3. Publish.
The absolute biggest lesson I have learned is that you can't really fashion /lifestyle blog or any kind of blog if you don't own a calender.I have been glued to my planner for the past two weeks trying to organize myself to be a better blogger. I had no idea that I would love and want to participate in so many fun linkups! Heck, I hadn't a clue on what "Linking up" actually meant! I greatly appreciate and admire all the lovely ladies that hosts their weekly linkup. (see list below.)

That is why I have decided to take a baby step and simply commit myself to two weekly posts. I am thinking on Sunday and Wednesday. These days will give me more opportunity to be ready for my beloved linkups. If I get more than two a week it will be thumbs up and pats on the back for me!! So please help me by cheering me on.  Another thing that I have learned from the blogging community is that there is so much support from ladies you feel live down the street or that you bump into at the grocery store (looking absolutely amazing) and chat with will you both grab your kid's favorite cereal. I love that I can relate to almost all of you.

(Hi! First time on blog with no shades! Babysteps, babysteps..)

Okay, its your turn to share the wealth,   How do you do it?!?!  What is the best tip you can give this little rookie blogger??? I would love and appreciate any and all advice!

Have a safe weekend!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Printed Shorts (and Hair)


Printed Shorts: JcPenney (shorts con estampado) Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Tacones)
One of the most popular trends of the summer are printed shorts and I have fallen in love!
They are fun, easy to style, and abundant in prints! Since this trend is everywhere the choice of print is endless!  Have you tried the trend?
Una de las tendencias de verano mas popular son los estampados.  Son divertidos, facil de combinar, y exciste una abundancia de estampados disponibles! Ya que esta tendencia esta en todas partes las opciones de estampado son interminable! Ya probaste esta tendencia? Que te parese?
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White shorts Purple print


Blouse: DKNY (blusa) Shorts : Cato
In my opinion, white bottoms are a summer must.  In my case, white shorts becuase I can't stand jeans in the summer unless I have to! White goes with everything, and I mean pretty much everything.  Just put on white bottoms and any color top and your done. Out the door...
What is your white bottom preferance? Shorts, jeans, skirt, etc?
Thank for your visit!
En mi opinion, el color blanco es una necesidad durante el verano. En mi caso, son los shorts blancos, por que no soporto jeans en la calor almenos que sea necesario! Blanco va con absolutamente todo. solo usa unos shorts, jeans, etc en color blanco y cualquier blusa en cualquier color y listo. Asi de sencillo...
Gracias por tu visita!
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Work Ready


Blouse: JcPenney (Blusa) : Shorts: Express
When you prefer shorts in the summer and your work dress code is whatever you want, it is sometimes difficult to make outfits work appropriate. Cue in  dressy top amd colored wedges!
How do you beat the heat at the office? (Besides the A/C!)
Thanks for  your visit! Happy Monday!

 Cuando prefiers shorts en el verano, y puedes llevar lo que gustes a la oficina es dificil lucir apropiada y no demasiado casual.
Aqui es donde entra un blusa mas elegante y sandalias de plataforma!
Como te mantienes fresca en la oficina? (Y no digas con el acondicionador de aire!)  :)
Gracias por tu visita! Feliz Lunes!
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