Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I will try not to wear all black, for a while at least....(here, and here ) So for starters, how about some green and brown?  I have had this dress for at least 2 years and I have never worn it! Why you ask? Why would I not wear a lovely Max Studio dress that I got for an even lovelier $7.00?? Because I am a chicken. It was always too dressy, didn't fit right, didn't go with anything, too hot, too cold, etc.. I would use every excuse not to put it on.  Let me just say those days will be over! I will be fearless! Ok, maybe not fearless, after all it is just clothing, but you get the point. I will slowly come out of my closet shell.  Want to come along? I need someone to hold my hand... :)
Do you have pieces in your closet that you have been avoiding?  C'mon, let's give them some love!
Send me your links I would love to see.
Have a great one!

Dress: Max Studio Similar
Vest: No label cute option
Leggings: Tjmaxx
Fab Shoes: Tjmaxx
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  1. You should wear this dress all the time, the color is lovely on you! Dropping by from the Random Wednesday Linkup!

    <3 Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki! Thanks for stopping by. I love the color, I was just always scared to wear it! :)
      See you soon!