Sunday, December 22, 2013


I highly enjoy admiring the pictures of you ladies. Strolling in the park, cute poses in your front yard, and applaud those braver than me that make the bold statement of their awesomeness right in the middle of the street. (I'm not quite there yet). However, if you look back throughout the photos in this little ole blog of mine you will see that most of my photos are taken in the country.  I don't offer you a stroll down a sidewalk with nice shrubs and flowers in the background because I simply don't have that. I live in the country. My own home and my parents are a mile from each other and the photos I take are taken from the views of my two homes. Our homes are surrounded with dense woods, clear creeks, rolling hills, and most importantly peacefulness.
Today I thought I would share with you a small part of my beloved woods. Although during this time the trees are bare and it seems I live in a sea of leaves, there is something special about them. I love that you can wake up, peer out the window and see deer right outside. You see birds making their homes and starting their little families right beside yours. During the spring and summer the trees talk to you. They sway back and forth enjoying with you a cool day and they warn you immediately of windy storm. When fall comes the leaves come down to your level, playing with the wind for a little while before they say goodbye. Icicles take their place on the limbs they left behind.

I look forward to the ever changing scenery and I hope that you will visit often to enjoy it with me. Thanks for joining me today.

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Olive pants: Jcpenney
Boots: American Eagle
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