Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rain, Rain

It might not seem like it in the photo but it was a stormy night and it led into a beautiful autumn morning.  Yeah, you know the kind.  Cool, fragrant (you can just smell fall) , and absolutely carefree... Like strolling down a familiar road.

How does fall "smell" to you?
Please have a "carefree" moment today...

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  1. oh what a lovely thought.. how does autumn smell to me.. i will ponder on that one! Love these boots, i just got a similar pair and ive been living in them :)xx

  2. oh i just love your post. that is just what i need right about now, "a carefree moment". beautiful photo, i'm visiting from the get your pretty on link up and newly following via bloglovin. come by and say hi and have a beautiful day. :)

  3. Ahhhh I just love the smell of fall! It's such a good, clean smell!

    You look so cute - love the boots!

  4. I love the smell of fall! I'm loving my morning runs in the fresh and crisp air :)

    <3 Vicki

    1. I wish I could make myself get up and run in the morning! Run for the both of us please! haha. Thanks for visiting today. See you soon!

  5. Aw cutest hat! I have been looking for a cute black one like that. Where did you get it?
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  6. I'm loving that hat and I love the smell of rain in the air! Would love it if you would join us for our Monday Mingle fashion link up sometime! :)