Friday, May 31, 2013

Its Friday!!!

Hi! Hope you have a Fantastic Friday! I put the heels on just for fun, but sandals and flats are my thing! Too bad the secret that I am short is out! :)
Be same today!
Take care!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Red

Hi there! Hope you are having a fantastic day! As I was reviewing these pictures, the first and only thing that came to mind was "Big Red". Big red earrings, big red necklace, and big red belt! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful evening! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Spring Skirt

 Hi! Hope you all are having a wonderful day! As mentioned in yesterday's post, my Forever21 purchase was this printed floral skirt (that unfortunately is not available online and was only $14!) I had fun having the pictures taken and I hope that you all enjoy them as well. Thanks for stopping by today! Check back this week for more posts.
Take care!
*Disclosure- This is not a sponsored post. Forever21 does not have a clue who I am. This items was bought with my own money. All ideas, comments, and opinions are my own.

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Spring Scarf

 Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderfully long weekend! I hope that you are enjoying your time with your family, making great memories, eating good food, and keeping hydrated! I went to Forever21 at the end of the week, andt treated myself to this sweet scarf! It goes with everything but I thought I'd post two options. I will be wearing this sweet thing all spring and summer so it will make another appearance...
 (I am not scratching my back, I was fixing my hair...:) )
(I'm new so I wanted to ask,... Would you like me to describe the pieces of clothing and such??)
This scarf is currently $8.80! Forever21
Check back on Tuesday for another Forever21 purchase!

Take care!

*Disclosure- This is not a sponsered post.  Forever21 does not have a clue who I am and the item was bought with my own money.  All ideas, opinions, and comments are my own.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi there!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

I wanted to share something special about me today.  Well not really "something" special, someone special. This person is my very best friend, my mom.

 My mom is the one person that I can talk to for hours and not realize it, (and since we have a family business, seeing each other everyday, its not hard to!) We talk about everything, and I mean everything! From children, to husbands, fashion, money, work, our family, the weather, the news, food (love), exercise or lack of! , everything! (we have actually covered every single subject mentioned above in about 30 minutes!)

I don't know when we became so close. I know it wasn't during my school years, I believed that you should keep things and thoughts from your mother because she "wouldn't understand".  I wrongfully believed that my mother had never been young or made mistakes! Once I let her in, I realized that I had missed out on a lot of very special moments and passup some very useful advice. 

Even when I married at the ripe age of 17 (like I said, I passed up some good advice) I never thought that my mother would understand the things I was going through or needed help with in my to-young-to-be a bride- wife mind.(She married at 15, apprently she missed something too!) She would have been the perfect person to go to on tips on how to live with a person you barely know but know you love. How to think like a new wife not just a new high school graduate.

Eventually, somewhere between concieving and recieving my first son, I finally found her! There she was, my mommy, my sweet, always smiling, wise, experienced, mommy! The perfect person to explain to me why I craved dirt! (don't judge, i was pregnant!) I tossed the new mommy guidebook, (yeah, you know which one!) and just absorbed everything this short person was saying! I felt so happy and curious! What else did she know about?! Could she tell me how to get that bad smell out of all of my towels??  How to cook something without hubby claiming that it looks delicious but has really been craving a chicken sandwich and fries all day??  What exactly should me and my husband talk about that won't lead to an arguement?? After shyly asked, she didn't stop,...ever.

To this day, 10 years of marriage and two beautiful boys later, she still answers all of my questions, all of my calls, and every single text message. We know the "Good morning, I'm glad to see you" kiss, the "lets change the subject, someone's coming" and  "I need to tell you something before I burst!" looks, the "this is the funniest thing ever" giggle, and the "I need you here right now" hug.

Together we have been through very special, fun, bad, sad, and flat out impossible moments. This little person (she is 4ft 9in of cuteness!) knows me in and out, (literally, she helped me give birth while hubby was paralyzed in the corner ((was that too much info?)) and I am very blessed to have her. 

I hope that if you have someone special in your life you tell them that today. If that person is there and you still haven't "found" them yet, I hope you do soon.  From the bottom of my heart to you, new friend, I hope you do.

Who is your special person?

Take care.

Friday, May 24, 2013

"Lemme show you something.."


Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
I haven't worn a dress in a really long time, mostly because my boys are always needing my attention on the floor (to help wipe up messes, show me a tiny lego man, or the usual "lemme show you something"). Today was super hot and I decided I needed to be super comfortable so the dress it was! (the wedges however, lasted a total of 10 minutes and then I changed to very comfy, superstylish, platic flipflops!
If you have kids, or a husband what do you find yourself looking at after the "lemme show you something" statement??
Take care!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sick days...

Hi! I hope that you all have had a wonderful day!
Last night was a prelude to this morning,... one of my kids( I have two boys 7 and 8) had a very high temp last night.  He awoke this morning at 4 am parched! He didn't sleep till he had a nap this afternoon around 3pm!
I was the official couch accessory next to his everpresent backpack filled with his favorite things (movies, toys, this and thats), the remote, and a blanket.  Needless to say that I got nothing done!

Although us moms worry over our little one's health and secretly checking work email when they aren't looking,  it makes us feel super special that when they feel at their worst you are the best thing for them.  Your simple presence makes them feel better, and having you to cuddle up to seems to taste better than that icky medicine! (love!)

It all just makes you wonder how much love for you can fit into such a fevered, glassy-eyed, little body. And because you matter so much at that moment, you put the iphone down, stop staring at the clock, and remember what exactly is important to you.  The rest can just wait, that's why you have sick days...

Take care of yourself and yours


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cobalt and White...So right

Hi there wonderful visitor! I hope that you had a lovely day today, In my region, it has rained the past three weekends, not during the week, on the WEEKENDS! So today when the sun peeked out for a few hours my family and I decided we HAD to come out! We couldn't be inside for one minute longer! We have some friends that also were happy about the sun! Take care!



Hi, Thank you for stopping by todayI look forward to "meeting you"! I could not be more excited about this opportunity to be a part of the blogger community!  Check back soon for more posts.

Thanks again,