Friday, October 11, 2013

Cortney's Corner #4- Date Night

Scarf- walmart
Shirt-Jcpenney (similiar)
Jeans- Paris Blues
Boots-(similar Splurge) (save in black)
Cortney's Corner time!! (We are thinking of a new name for this, if you have any suggestions please comment below. It would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, today she is featuring an ever so cute movie date night ensemble for going to see "Gravity" with her hubs.  The scarf is light enough to wear in the early evening yet voluminous enough to provide cozy warmth when leaving theaters. (personally, just thinking of that cold gust of "night" wind that hits you right in the face when you open the door into the parking lot gives me chills!)
She recently rocked this scarf here as well.

What are your Friday night plans?? Mine you ask? A healthy dose of laundry...

Have a great Friday!


  1. That scarf is beautiful! I may have to check out the selection at Wal Mart more often ;)

  2. Love the fall background, the gorgeous printed scarf and that cute cat! :)