Sunday, July 28, 2013

Work Ready #2 & LETOTE Review

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of sun!
I am especially  excited to post today because I am doing my very first review.  The company is called Letote and they have the most unique monthly subscription program that I have ever had the opportunity to try. 
When you go to sign up for an account and answer a few questions so that your style can be defined. Your package arrives in just a few days and you get a lovely surprise. Three clothing pieces and two accessories!! How cool is that?!
That is only the beginning! You get free shipping on your package and when you wear the items you can send them right back  in an included prepaid shipping bag and keep receiving "totes" as many times as you want! For example, you get your package one day and wear your items and  as soon as your are done, you return what you want or purchase the items you love and get more in a few days. It is like shopping all month for fun, gorgeous items for a mere $49 a month! It is that easy!
If you want you can also take your time in returning the items. Say you have a special occasion that your pieces would be perfect for (special evening out, wedding, baby shower, trip etc.)
Visit for more details!
Received my black top in my first Letote parcel. I absolutely loved everything that came in it. I got two stunning tops, a beautiful dress, a gorgeous statement necklace (to be shown soon!), and a lovely bracelet.  It was so much fun to receive all these items meant just for me! Hope you join the fun!
Necklace/Collar: local boutique
Shoes/Tacones:Max Studio
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