Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Sweater: Duck Head (4+ yrs old)  3/4 Similar Version
Jeans: American Eagle  exact pair
Purse: Rosetti Fab Floral Version
 Boots: Gifted
Okay, I put that first picture up for fun and to get your attention, I was actually saying "Hurry! The Sun is going down!"  however, little did I know that the day after taking these photos I would wake up with Laryngitis! Completely speechless. Couldn't make a sound. I was actually not surprised, I get it at least twice a year, I was kind of frustrated with my condition. Frustrated because 90% of my job is on the phone. I also have two rambunctious  boys that I need to yell over. So for me to be speechless was not ideal.  I guess it is the only way to get me to shut my mouth... Needless to say it was not a fun 3 days for me, but a very quite and tranquil 3 days for my family....
 Have a great day!!
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