Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer and Hair


 Hi! I hope everyone is having a great day! The weather around here calls for shorts only attire and a breezy updo to keep cool. I love trying new styles and accessories. 
I have always had long hair, but never knew what to do to it.  All through my tween and teenage years it sat on my head in very messy, totally unattractive bun.  As an adult, I discovered hairstyle tutorial, galor on youtube! Today, I have a mental bank of many hairstyles  that have been tried and tested on my unruly locks!
Did you also struggle getting to know your hair? How did you find your mane's potential?

Hola a todas! Espero que su dia sea maravilloso! El clima aqui esta para shorts y un peinado recojido para mantenerse fresca! Me encanta provar nuevos peinados y acsesorios nuevos.
Siempre he tenido el cabello largo, pero nunca sabia que hacer con el. Durante toda mi adolecensia lo mantuve recojido de un modo poco atractivo.  De adulta, fui descubriendo una abundancia de videos instructivos en youtube! Ahora tengo un gran archivo mental de peinados que se que funcionan con mi cabello desobediente!

Tu has descubrido el potencial de tu cabello?

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  1. My hair is horrible to deal with! Your top is so cute!